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Mobile Wayfinding Platform Helps Patients, Visitors Navigate Convoluted Health Campuses

Anyone who has had to take a trip to the hospital, maybe to visit a sick friend or meet a new niece or nephew, knows trying to navigate a large, complex medical campus can quickly become overwhelming. Between locked staff-only areas, hallway after hallway that look exactly the same, and myriad entrances and parking garages, your hospital trip can become a frustrating experience.

University Health System, located in San Antonio, Texas, has partnered with Gozio Health to remedy this situation by creating a mobile wayfinding platform for its campus. Gozio used a robot, cleverly named Magellan, to roam the hospital to capture data and create detailed maps of the building spaces and campus.

As soon as visitors step out of their car in the parking garage, the University Health System mobile wayfinding platform provides turn-by-turn, Blue Dot navigation through the entire campus.

Innovations in Healthcare Wayfinding

The tool allows patients, visitors, and hospital staff to use their smartphone to efficiently navigate to any location on campus, from the maternity ward to the emergency room, to a specific doctor’s office, even the nearest vending machine. It also helps users avoid any “Seinfeld”-esque “lost in the garage” issues; the tool marks the individual spot where the user parked.

In addition to wayfinding functions, the app gives patients and visitors immediate access to physician directories, electronic medical records, and the ability to view hospital amenities, an important feature according to Joshua Titus, CEO and Founder of Gozio Health.

“For hospitals to remain competitive, they must provide patients with a digital platform that features location-based services, appointment scheduling, and access to their patient portal from their smartphone,” said Titus.

Based on statistics from Gozio, 85% of users that install the wayfinding app to navigate to a destination within a hospital will return to the app to use the other features such as for scheduling appointments and viewing their medical records.

The University Health System mobile wayfinding platform also includes access to 28 satellite clinics and urgent care centers, covering more than three million square feet of navigation.

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