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Millennials and Gen Z Still Value Traditional Office Space

Commercial landlords swept up in coworking and open office trends have not lost sight on the importance of physical office space in accommodating the Millennial consumer. Architects, landlords, and tenants alike note that Millennials, as well as their younger cohort Gen-Z, are more transient than previous generations and because of that need flexible work accommodations. However, both groups also desire an office setting to plug-in for longterm career confidence, according to a recent Deloitte survey on workplace flexibility.

According to the survey, 89 percent of respondents said that a traditional work setting is essential for advancing their careers. And landlords have no choice but to get creative in its office offerings to not only compete with coworking companies but as well as other office landlords for corporate tenants that are competing for young professional talent. “Regardless of the location, all office occupiers are in a race for talent and require a quality work environment that maximizes work productivity,” Wil Catlin, managing director and senior partner of Boston Realty Advisors, tells

According to a recent article, In the office market, companies are meeting the demand for a seamless experience to attract and retain talent, or rather companies have been forced to comply, Jolanta Campion, director of research for San Diego at Cushman & Wakefield, tells  “Attractive, amenity-rich real estate is one of the ways companies are able to attract talent in this highly competitive market,” Campion said.

To keep up with the changes for office space, Millenial and GenZ groups have been drawn to traditional office spaces that aren’t your regular real estate and have a live-work-play mentality in mind. “These younger generations typically offer vibrant energy and drive, an existing and future talented labor pool and therefore potential job growth and economic expansion, new ideas and concepts that are helping shape and advance the region,” Campion said.

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