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McDonald’s and Franchisees to Spend $6 Billion to Build, Upgrade Restaurants

McDonald’s, the nation’s largest burger chain, said Tuesday the company and its franchisees plan to invest $448 million in Texas on the construction and modernization of 840 McDonald’s restaurants this year and next.

The cash infusion will impact most McDonald’s restaurants in Texas and is part of a broader effort by the Chicago-based company and its franchisees to invest $6 billion to modernize most U.S. restaurants by 2020.

The effort expands on previously announced plans to add more order-entry kiosks, serve more fresh beef and experiment with delivery. The upgrades have helped boost sales and the company’s stock price, which neared $180 a share earlier this year before slipping to about $160 a share now.

 The new program, designed to transform “the customer experience inside and outside the restaurant,” will result in “modernized dining rooms with globally and locally inspired décor, new furniture and refreshed exterior designs,” the company said in a news release.

That includes more digital kiosks for ordering and paying, “bright and easy-to-read digital menu boards inside and at the drive-through, new designated parking spots for curbside pick-up through mobile order and pay [and] expanded McCafé counters,” the company said.

Some projects have already started in 2018.

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