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How Workplace Design Can Position Financial Services Companies for Success

Workplace design can pose financial services companies for success amid trends that could transform the industry, according to a report, “The New Financial Workplace,” recently released by HOK’s WorkPlace Group.

New technologies like cryptocurrency, biometrics, and blockchain are disrupting the financial sector. These technologies are providing emerging companies with the tools to compete with venerable financial giants.

In order to compete for talent with these upstart technology-focused firms, old-line financial companies have to adopt the cultures and workplace design practices of the technology industry, the report asserts. The report’s findings include:

  • A continued decline in square footage across the industry indicates that more financial firms have adopted progressive work styles and are catching up with early adopters.
  • Firms that had previously reduced their space have stabilized and are now looking for ways to enhance the employee experience and retain top talent.
  • Office space has evolved from being the only place of work to one of many in an entire ecosystem of choices.
  • Firms are moving beyond open-plan offices and instead installing more flexible space.
  • Neighborhood-based Choice Environments (NCE) provide neighborhoods for teams to operate out of while still giving people access to a variety of work settings.

The document includes case studies of projects for Scotiabank, TD, Nasdaq, Union Bank, and Harris Bank that provide insight into current best practices.

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