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How Fashion Brand Faherty Tapped Into Resort Towns for its Retail Expansion

Fashion brand Faherty is taking its physical retail business on vacation.

Prior to 2020 the company, which was founded back in 2012, had 14 stores concentrated in major cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, along with multiple New York City locations. However, the brand — whose merchandise features outdoor and beach-friendly styles — is now prioritizing locations that aren’t traditionally targeted by retailers. It follows a playbook of other brands increasingly trying out new store strategies to acquire customers, whether it be via popups or traveling showrooms.

For the past year, Faherty’s strategy has been to open storefronts in vacation destinations across the U.S., such as Rosemary Beach, Fla., Big Sky, Mont., Nantucket island and Sag Harbor, Long Island. The company expects to open 13 new stores in 2021, bringing its total store count to roughly 36 by year’s end. There are five more openings being planned for 2022.

“With so many people relocating and continuing to work remotely, we’re seeing major growth from these markets,” said founder and CEO Alex Faherty. He went on to say that with many young urban consumers moving to cities like Austin, Nashville and Seattle, there is a ripe opportunity to cater to them.

This is an excerpt from Modern Retail, authored by Gabriela Barkho.

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