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Cost of Living: Apartment Construction Costs for 2019

Homeownership isn’t what it used to be. Many young professionals, families, and retirees are turning to apartments for their convenience and affordability. Demand is far outpacing supply, and the imbalance is growing.

According to analysis completed by the National Multifamily Housing Council, the National Apartment Association, and Hoyt Advisory Services, the U.S. will see a demand for an additional 4.6 million apartments by 2030. That’s more than 400,000 new apartment homes per year that must be planned and built.

RSMeans data from Gordian features more than 100 building and infrastructure models, including models for apartment buildings ranging from modest one-story complexes fit for a neighborhood side-street and those for a 24-story behemoth that belongs in a bustling city center. The table below shows the cost per square foot for constructing apartment buildings in 10 of the cities with the highest search volume on

RSMeans data from Gordian can be localized to more than 970 locations. For more detailed information on predictive cost data, square foot models, or construction cost data, visit

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