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Technology Will Play Big Role in ‘Distanced’ Office of the Future

Employers will rely on a fair amount of technology to bring workers back to the office in the COVID-19 age, office design experts say. Some of it will be to connect to offsite co-workers and clients, while other components will be used to reduce coronavirus

Reimagining Multifamily Spaces in the COVID Era

After living with the threat of COVID-19 for several months, it is increasingly clear that we will need to manage this situation for some time to come. Habits and lifestyle changes adopted as pandemic strategies may prove enduring, and these changes will be

From Lobby to Penthouse, Elevators Can be a 100% Touch-Free Experience

The average person in today’s world is more acutely aware of germs than ever before. This new awareness is beginning to change aspects of our daily lives and is causing us to think more deeply about things once performed by rote; shaking hands has been

4 Ways Construction Technology Platforms Improve Team Collaboration

When it comes to general contractors and payment applications, “technology” and “collaboration” may not be the first words that come to mind. As the construction industry continues to innovate, we’ve found that technology solutions are doing more

Virtual Apartment Showings Will Play Vital Role in Leasing Process Even After Pandemic Ends

As in-person apartment viewings return, industry sources say the technologies used during the shelter-in-place period will stick around even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. The use of virtual apartment showings and paperless leasing spiked during the

The Great Reset and Our New Work Life

Never in the history of our planet has this happened. In the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world: sickening people by the millions and killing them by the hundreds of thousands. The virus is not to be taken lightly, and neither are the

thyssenkrupp Elevator Launches Forward-looking Technologies for a More Comfortable and Secure Mobility Experience

As cities across the world ease Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, it is important to ensure that the elevators used by millions of people every day remain a comfortable, efficient and secure way of transportation. thyssenkrupp Elevator offers several options

Solar Lighting for an Affordable, Sustainable Future

While first developed as a practical power source during the 1950s, solar systems were too expensive for mainstream use until the 1970s. Starting from their early use to power Cold War era military satellites, silicon photovoltaic solar cells achieved their