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San Francisco Nonprofits Collaborate on VR-based Construction Training

The program, which employs Oculus headsets for a real-world experience, is aimed at attracting young adults to construction careers. Groups of young adults stand outside in the San Francisco sun. They’re lined up behind two students wearing virtual reality

Top 7 Trends in Retail Digital Transformation and Innovation for 2021

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is accelerating at unprecedented speeds across the global retail industry, requiring retailers to build adaptable, composable business models to scale in disruptive

State and Municipal Agencies Expand Use of Cloud Construction Oversight

As state agencies wait on a possible infrastructure bill from the Biden administration, many are better prepared than they were a decade ago to manage hundreds of billions of dollars in new work. The Federal Highway Administration incentivized state DOTs to

Hospitality Brands Build Back With Customer-Centric Tech

While the hospitality sector awaits another COVID-19 stimulus bill, creativity is in high demand because hotel brands that continue to engage guests in unexpected ways with new and relevant services—even when they are staying at home—will emerge from the

How Office Construction Will Change Post-Pandemic

Dive Brief: A new study points to how office design and construction will evolve as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The research from architecture firm Leo A Daly found that in coming months and years, more office tenants will require flexible

Could Water-Filled Windows Help Buildings Save Energy?

Created by Dr. Matyas Gutai of Loughborough University, the water-filled glass (WFG) system uses water to heat and cool structures in an attempt to reduce building energy use. WFG utilizes a sheet of water trapped between a panel of glass. The system involves

Smart Buildings Stand on Good Data

Technology has always been about being smarter, but it wasn’t until 1995 that the word “smart” was seamlessly attached to an individual piece of technology – the smartphone. (And we do mean seamlessly – today, “smartphone” is almost always

Infection Control Measures for Airport Terminals

The airport “experience” of hurry up and wait leaves passengers often standing virtually on top of their fellow travelers in processing, security, and boarding queues, or at baggage carousels on their way out. And unless a person is sweating profusely or