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Envisioning Libraries as Community Hubs

WHAT MAKES THE ROLE OF LIBRARIES UNIQUE DURING THIS TIME OF SOCIAL DISTANCING? Libraries always have been asked to do a great deal to serve the public and a wide variety of people—from balancing traditional print media with high-tech services, to serving as

Colleges Learn How to Suppress Coronavirus: Extensive Testing

In rural Iowa, just one of the 875 students on Cornell College’s campus has tested positive for the coronavirus this semester. At Amherst College in Massachusetts, the number of undergraduate virus cases has been a bit higher: three. And Colby College’s

Healthy Air Systems Protect Builders and Owners

Increased public awareness of the hazards posed by indoor pollutants has raised tenant expectations for healthy indoor air. In response, builders, owners and managers of multi-family housing are installing healthy air systems for individual units as a means

Apartment Communities Optimize Services, Amenities for Life Under a Pandemic

Common areas remain silent at many apartment buildings—emptied out to avoid spreading the coronavirus. But residents still need services and amenities, especially as they spend more time on site than normal. That’s forcing innovation and adaptation on

Infection Control Measures for Airport Terminals

The airport “experience” of hurry up and wait leaves passengers often standing virtually on top of their fellow travelers in processing, security, and boarding queues, or at baggage carousels on their way out. And unless a person is sweating profusely or

Air Cleaners, Chemical and UV Treatments Among Tools to Safeguard Indoor Air Amid Pandemic

Designers, engineers, and commercial building owners have several ways to safeguard indoor air during the COVID-19 pandemic. Office buildings can slow the spread by spacing desks at least six feet apart and by implementing a few ventilation measures

Reopening Campus Performance Arts Centers

As institutions develop plans to reactivate their campuses in meaningful ways, they must consider specialized academic units that require deliberate face-to-face and hands-on learning to accomplish proficiency in academic training. Performing arts

Technology Will Play Big Role in ‘Distanced’ Office of the Future

Employers will rely on a fair amount of technology to bring workers back to the office in the COVID-19 age, office design experts say. Some of it will be to connect to offsite co-workers and clients, while other components will be used to reduce coronavirus