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The Race to Make a Better Brand of Home Office

Like a lot of white-collar professionals, Brad Hargreaves has been working remotely since March. The founder and CEO of Common, the U.S.’s largest co-living company, Hargreaves found himself making his own co-living arrangement when the pandemic

Technology Will Play Big Role in ‘Distanced’ Office of the Future

Employers will rely on a fair amount of technology to bring workers back to the office in the COVID-19 age, office design experts say. Some of it will be to connect to offsite co-workers and clients, while other components will be used to reduce coronavirus

Reconstruction Could be COVID-19’s Silver Lining

The spread of the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the U.S. and worldwide economies. But that spread also created health and wellness scenarios for the built environment that lend themselves to reconstruction and renovation, say AEC firms. “I

Bringing Work-From-Home to the Office — Landlords Aim to Add Peace, Privacy, and Green Space

Companies trying to create the future of office space have their hands tied until a coronavirus vaccine is found and a better view of what the world looks like post-pandemic emerges. Still, office experts predict a changed landscape for employees no matter

The Great Reset and Our New Work Life

Never in the history of our planet has this happened. In the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world: sickening people by the millions and killing them by the hundreds of thousands. The virus is not to be taken lightly, and neither are the

Guiding Changes in the Workplace: Past, Present, and Future

In workplace design, change management is the process of equipping leadership (first) and then supporting staff (second) in a company to move from their current state to their new future state. Usually, the purpose of change management is so that employees

How working from Home is Influencing Design

As creative problem solvers, we’re facing what is surely the biggest challenge of our personal and professional lives. Across the globe, we’ve experienced mandatory quarantines, adopted new work-from-home policies and are well-versed in social distancing.

How Medical Offices Fuse With Mixed-Use Projects

HSA PrimeCare Executive Vice President Robert Titzer points out that while the era of academic medical centers is not over, demand for smaller medical offices located in sites with good visibility and ample parking is expected to rise. What’s more, given