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Amazon Gets the Headlines, But Lidl Is Still the Grocer to Watch

The price war in the American grocery aisle is getting more intense. And believe it or not, the reason isn’t Amazon.com Inc.  Amazon’s debut as a brick-and-mortar grocery chain last year sent tremors through the supermarket industry, with Kroger

Holiday Shopping Rebound Dispels Doomsday Chatter for Retail in 2018

The retail industry is hoping that two months of some of the highest sales in five or six years will carry into 2018 and expunge the bitter aftertaste of record retail bankruptcies and nearly 7,700 store closures in 2017. Retail employment heading into the

Smart Building Tech Can Reap Utility Savings of 8% to 18% in Commercial Buildings

Smart building technology is producing energy savings of 8% to 18% in the commercial building sector, according to a new report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. While large showcase buildings have been the first to deploy smart

Investors Expect 2018 to be Another Solid Year for Apartment Sales

Investors are looking forward to another strong year for apartment sales. “Going forward, there is a bit of renewed optimism… and we are still at an elevated level when it comes to transaction volume,” says John Sebree, first vice president and

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