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Sports Stadiums and Arenas Showcase Sustainability Features

The newly opened $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta earned LEED Platinum certification and is one of the latest sports venues to showcase sustainability. Earning 88 out of a potential 110 points, the facility is the first sports arena to achieve

Detroit Poised for Retail Boom

Downtown Detroit’s rebirth till this point has focused on rehabbing old buildings to add office, residential and restaurant space. Now, the central city is poised for a retail boom that is expected to draw some of the industry’s biggest names. Think

Developers Are Bringing Crystal Lagoons Amenities to U.S. Multifamily Communities

Earlier this year, Metro Development Group unveiled a long-awaited, landmark amenity at its Epperson community in Wesley Chapel, Fla. The 7-acre artificial lagoon, newly filled with 11 million gallons of fresh water, is the first of its kind in the U.S.

How the Experience Economy is Affecting Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate market is extremely competitive and enticing major brands to select one development over another requires more than just “location, location, location.” With everything getting “smarter,” from devices to cities, the

Big Sean, Emagine want to open Downtown Detroit theater with music venue

DETROIT — Emagine Entertainment is partnering with Detroit rapper Big Sean in a move to build a movie theater in or near Downtown Detroit. A location has yet to be selected, but the company anticipates having a new theater up and running by 2020,

Malls Will Become ‘Consumer Experience Spaces’

The mall of the future will have more in common with Disneyland than Roosevelt Field, according to a study prescribing that retail real estate must be in the business of helping people accumulate experiences, not merchandise. Whether or not A.T. Kearney’s