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Moody’s Turns Positive on the Retail Industry

Moody’s is bullish on retail, upping both its operating income and sales growth forecasts. Moody’s Investor Services said Thursday that its outlook for the U.S. retail industry has turned positive for the first time since mid-2015. In a new report,

5-Mile Retail Radius Captures 2 Million Shoppers

Southlake Town Square is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Retail Properties of America Inc. It is a 1.4 million-square-foot regional shopping destinationserving more than 2 million shoppers within a 5-mile radius who have a median annual household

Mood Changers: Why Lighting is the Most Important Design Feature

Walk into a room bathed in cozy, inviting light and you’ll feel instantly at ease. Walk into the same room buzzing with harsh fluorescents, and your teeth may start to grind. Why? In 2014, a Journal of Consumer Psychology study found that the more

Fast Food Slowed Down: What’s Behind the All the Redesigns – and Is It Enough?

Some restaurants don’t need a review to get attention. You might know them for their longevity, their presence, or even just their advertisements. But most importantly, whether it’s their grand luminous logo, or the building’s prominent architecture

Las Vegas Retail Recovery Aided by Restrained Development

The Las Vegas market continues to recover, seeing both healthy job and population growth along with strong visitor numbers. While this growth has helped bolster development, particularly for the hospitality and multifamily sectors, the recovery in the retail

Walmart, Nordstrom and others look to YouTube stars to woo millennials and Gen Z

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, is counting on a 6-year-old YouTube star to draw in gaggles of other pint-sized shoppers clamoring for bubble pets, T-shirts and capsules full of lime-green slime. On Monday, the store chain will debut Ryan’s

Abercrombie Teams Up With Lifestyle Hospitality Firm

Abercrombie & Fitch’s newest partner is a lifestyle hospitality firm that develops, manages and operates cool boutique hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. The retailer has entered into an exclusive partnership with SBE to launch co-branded events and

Why Stadiums Made of Wood Could Be the Next Big Innovation in Sports Architecture

Imagine a sports stadium that could expand and contract with its fan base and team’s fortunes, one that could pick up and move to greener (and more lucrative) pastures. Given team owners’ history of playing fans against each other, making stadiums more