Case Study

Program Management

SITE Centers Corporation

An All-in-One Solution

Rebuilding Properties and Building Trust

The process of evaluating, understanding, and executing work among multiple tenants or properties can be challenging. Through our proven program management approach, Sachse Construction provides a method for bringing the coordination of landlord and tenant work, design management, and construction services all under one experienced team. Sachse Construction is currently providing program management services for 12 SITE Centers Corporation properties across Puerto Rico that require reconstruction and tenant coordination services in the wake of a hurricane that brought immense damage to the island.

Immediately, Sachse Construction worked with SITE Centers Corporation to understand goals for the project. The goals included bringing the properties back to pre-loss condition, including vacant retail spaces, and working with tenants to reconstruct their spaces and help them resume normal business operations. To accomplish client and tenant work within a tight schedule, Sachse Construction brought in a team of program management specialists. The team included experienced project managers, tenant coordinators, superintendents, project accountants, quality, safety, and administrative team members, to manage daily on-site activities, inspections, material delivery processes, and changes in scope.

One of the toughest logistical challenges with this program was working across the island, with each property experiencing different weather conditions.

To avoid delayed work schedules, the teams utilized a baseline schedule for each location, but creatively sequenced work to account for impacts from weather.

Planning, a consistent management style, and documentation were vital to completing each project successfully. For the SITE Centers Corporation properties, timely inspections were crucial to understanding each property’s place within the larger program as well as completing work in landlord and tenant spaces within schedule milestones.

As the project completes, Sachse Construction is working closely with the client to provide property-specific warranty packages, equipment commissioning, and training for the SITE Centers Corporation team.