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Campaign Launched to Promote ‘Climate-Smart Wood’

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and four environmental advocacy groups have launched a promotional campaign for forest practices and wood productsthat help lower carbon emissions.

The campaign aims to help builders, architects, and other buyers understand the difference between wood products and make it easier to locate lumber that meets sustainable forestry standards. Forest management affects carbon storage, human communities, water, and habitat, the Climate-Smart Wood Group says.

Climate-smart forestry, the group says, relies on selective harvesting, longer rotation lengths, and tight restrictions on hazardous chemicals, among other actions. When performed optimally, these practices can help store more carbon than commonly practiced forestry.

Increased interest in mass-timber construction highlights the need to choose wood products carefully, the group says. For now, the group will use a part of the FSC website as the point of contact for people who are interested in buying climate-smart wood products.

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