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Adore Me Brings Modern Tech to In-Store Lingerie Shopping

A digitally-native lingerie brand is using smart fitting-room technology to take a big pain point away from in-store shopping.

Adore Me, which has just begun to expand in brick and mortar, has partnered with StoreAdvise on IoT, RFID labels and smart fitting-room displays. The solutions combine, allowing shoppers to relax in their fitting room while interacting with store associates in real time. Instead of waiting for an associate to enter the fitting room area or going back and forth herself, the shopper can request a different size, style or color garment by using the smart display in her dressing room. The associates are immediately notified on a mobile device when a shopper requests an item using the display.

The solution benefits the retailer as well. Using data generated by each interaction (including human, garment tag, device and POS/payment interactions), Adore Me store managers get a view into customer behavior and how it relates to store performance. For example, the data helps shed light on what garments are in the fitting room, which SKUs were purchased and which items are top sellers among garments tried on.

“Creating a positive customer experience is essential as we expand into physical stores and, as a digital native, we recognize the importance of using data to understand and appeal to shoppers,” said Stephanie Maes, VP of retail performance at Adore Me. “With StoreAdvise, we’ve found a way to deploy technology that supports our brand promise — we make shoppers comfortable, we personalize the experience and we give them confidence in the experience.”

AdoreMe recently opened its first two stores, in Bridgewater, N.J. and Staten Island, N.Y. as part of a larger plan to open 300 stores in the next five years. This month, AdoreMe is opening a location at Providence Place, Providence, R.I., and one at Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, N.J.

The StoreAdvise platform connects Adore Me’s data-generating tools within the store, and generates actions and reports based on the brand’s unique requirements. Future reporting will allow managers to see when shopper-stylist interactions occur, how often, in what duration and how they impact shopper behavior. This is an important tool in helping associates understand what behaviors drive sales, according to StoreAdvise.

RFID tags on Adore Me’s merchandise collect real-time movement data from the showroom to the fitting room – both when a shopper brings merchandise into the fitting room, and when they request an item from a stylist using the smart fitting-room display. By identifying SKU popularity, Adore Me can easily optimize inventory levels, down to the individual store. With nearly 30,000 possible SKUs at each location, the data also suggests which sizes or styles can be reduced or eliminated, allowing the store to constantly refresh with new offerings. Data is also shared with designers so they understand which garments are most popular with shoppers, and can design with these features in mind.

Earlier this month, Adore Me opened a 126,286-sq.-ft. distribution center in Secaucus, N.J. The startup automates order management in its center by combining two robotic technologies: AutoStore cube storage technology and Opex SureSort automated delivery sorting. AutoStore uses robots and a traffic management system to densely stack bins without traditional spacing. SureSort is a robotic sorter that automatically reads barcodes and delivers items in a single pass.

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